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All images linked below are licensed under Creative Commons.

Large bee on butterflyweed, honeybee coming in for a landing – Martin LaBar

Military Working Dog in Afghanistan – UK Ministry of Defence

Rafter Cat – Ingrid Taylar

I’m watching you… – Kenny Louie

Elephants Family – Benh LIEU SONG

caged. for better or worse. – christopher charles

Lab Mouse – Global Panorama

IMGP4594 – Mike Smith

cuddly cow – Ilja Klutman

Bald Eagle – Simon Willison

Jellyfish 1 – L Church

Strawberry poison-dart frog (Oophaga pumilio or Dendrobates pumilio) – Pavel Kirillof

Dogbane Leaf Beetle – Dendroica cerulea

Akita hiking in Shpella e Pëllumbasit, Tirana, Albania – Mr. Bunker

Cuddle Cat – Travis Modisette

Onyx AB 06 – Dzīvnieku brīvība

Blunt-Spined Brittle Star on Elephant Ear Sponge – LASZLO ILYES

Satin Bowerbird – Leo

Octopus dance – Marten Brekkevold

Snake – Kool Cats Photography over 4 Million Views

Squirrel close up – astronomy_blog

Eenden voeren Vrouwenpolder – David van der Mark

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. – Greg Miles

Corky and Nakai Jump Together – lolilujah

Broiler chickens – ecoagriculture

Burro cargando leña – Burro carrying firewood with palms behind; entre La Paz y Guadalupe Hidalgo, Región Mixteca, Oaxaca, Mexico – Lon&Queta

Watching Time Go By – Stefan Cook

Thief – Jeremy

Practicing My “Sad Eyes” Look – Alan Levine

Grizzly Bear – Scott Cajella

Dama Gazelle – Gazella dama ruficollis – Mark Kent

Mars_NASA – U.S. Department of Agriculture

fountain-pen-nib-11 – Mike Rodriquez

Pigs that look like Poirot – StripeyAnne

Factory farming – ChaosHusky

Langley Therapy Dog – U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Zachary Wolf

Steinbeck – Michael Daines

Pioneer Library System – Norman West Therapy Dogs

Conservation Land – Marc Nozell

Beekeeping – allispossible.org.uk

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